Chopra Kamala Paul Smriti Mahavidyalaya

ISO 21001 : 2018

Smt. Karabi Biswas

Designation : Assistant Professor (HOD)
Department of English
Contract Number: 919733646305
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Department of English

The Department of English of Chopra Kamala Paul Smriti Mahavidyalaya came into being with a view to introducing general course in 2013. It is a vibrant department which took the lead in teaching English Literature in an underdeveloped area like Chopra Block and surrounding areas. In the year 2019 Honours course was introduced as per the CBCS system under University of North Bengal. Though the department is run by only one Permanent Teacher it provides student friendly, ideal environments for teaching-learning process suitable for the rural and first generation learners. The department not only enhances the analytical and expressive skills of students in an interactive ambience but also arranges tutorial sessions, group discussions, students’ seminars etc for effective and fruitful learning. Along with the academic areas the department is in leading position to nurture the human values and qualities.

Educational Qualification:

  • M.A in English (Rabindra Bharati University, 2011) Special Paper: American Literature and Post-colonial Literature
  • B. Ed   (University of Gour Banga, 2013)
  • University Grand Commission –National Eligibility Test for Lectureship (English), June 2012

Employment Detailes:

  • Assistant Professor in English, Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya, Bhara, Bishnupur, Bankura, WB from 23.03.2015 to 25.02.2021
  • Assistant Professor in English, Chopra Kamala Paul Smriti Mahavidyalaya, Chopra, Uttar Dinajpur, WB since 02.03.2021

Conference/Seminar/Webinar attended/organized:

  • UGC sponsored International Seminar on Reconstructing the English Literary Map: Literature or Partition and Diaspora from Asia and the Asia Pacific organized by the Dept. of English and Culture Studies, University of Burdwan, 10 & 11 the March, 2016.
  • One day Workshop on UG CBCS Curriculum Under Bankura University, organized by Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya, Bhara, Bankura, 20th September, 2018.
  • One Day State level Semininar on ‘Information and Communication Technology: Its Importance in Academic and Administrartive Arena’ organized by Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya, Bhara, Bankura, 25th April, 2019.
  • One Day International Seminar on India and the Making of Her Identity through Ages: An Empirical Quest organized by the Department of Philosophy, History, Pol. Science, Geography, Education and Literature, Tehatta Sadananda Mahavidyalaya, Tehatta, Purba Burdwan, WB, 30.01.2020.
  • International Conference on English and englishes: Culture, Power, Politics in Neo-Liberalist Regime, organized by Dept. of English, Bankura University, 22nd  & 23rd January 2020.
  • International Webinar on International Web Lecture Series on World Literature and Culture organised by Dept. of English, Panchmura Mahavidyalaya, Bankura, from 09.12.2020.
  • One Day International Webinar on ‘Viral Interventions: Culture And Society in a Post Covid Universe’, organised by the IQAC of Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya, Bhara, Bankura, on 18th July,2020.
  • One Day National Webinar on Re-Negotiating Nineteenth Century Literature: Its History, Politics and Culture organized by Dept. of English and IQAC, Patrasayer Mahavidyalaya, Bankura, 30th July 2020.
  • One Day International Webinar on Classical Epic and Drama: Greek and Indian organized by Dept. of English and IQAC, Swami Dhananjay Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya, Bhara, Bankura, on 14th June 2021.
  • Two-Day International Webinar on Society, Environment and Medical Science in the light of COVID-19 Pandemic- A Global Perspective, organized by Nakshalbari College, Nakshalbari, Darjeeling, 26th & 27th November 2021.
  • One day National Level Seminar on Bangali Hinduon Ki Urdu Khidmat, Dept. of Urdu and IQAC, Chopra Kamala Paul Smritri Mahavidyalaya, Chopra, Uttar Dinajpur, WB, 11th June 2022.
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